We have a breakthrough model of consulting which large firms simply can’t match.

Large consulting companies were founded 30+ years ago and built for a 20th century economy, not today’s knowledge economy. In a production economy it made sense to gather related expertise under one roof. In a knowledge economy it is far more efficient to have that expertise in many places, where it can be tapped into only when needed.

Where do you find groundbreaking ideas? Over 70% of the contributors to Harvard Business Review hail from small, independent consulting firms. Fully half of these thought leaders are in solo consultancies. By contrast, only 18% of the contributors came from big name mega-consultancies. We find the best and the brightest, not the intelligent and conformist.

Thanks to new technology, primarily the Internet, breakthrough thinkers in independent firms can be tapped just as easily as large firms. Consultants are the business version of iPhone apps. The best ideas win out. You are no longer forced to turn to mega-consultants to access talent. It’s all right here at the Ascendant Consortium.

A large company may have great thinking and process expertise at the top, but it has to migrate that thinking down through the organization and the process will necessarily be implemented with varying levels of proficiency. When you bring in one of our consultants, on the other hand, you are the person who knows the process inside and out, and who knows how to apply it.

The team of super-smart, talented individuals a large firm would put on your project is not carefully selected to create the most value for you. Most of them are selected because the firm has extra capacity and needed to assign them to the next project that came up. Whoops, that’s yours! With the Ascendant Consortium we have no excess capacity to worry about. You get the best team and only the best team to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some advantages of the Ascendant Consortium?

  1. The best minds deliver the best results. The Ascendant Consortium has access to the top independent consultants and agencies in the country, all of whom have gone through a rigorous vetting process.
  2. Better project definition. The Ascendant Consortium helps you define your project better so that you work with the ideal outside party to meet your needs, you have better working agreements and better end results.
  3. Superior project management and communication. We know the best thinkers in the world aren’t always the best project managers or communicators. The Ascendant Consortium takes on the role of project management to ensure excellent deliverables delivered on time in a manner you can use.
  4. Excellence from concept through execution. Some independent professionals blow the doors off of conceptual thinking, while others are process geniuses and still others are implementation wizards. We have the best of all types in The Ascendant Consortium so that your project will get you the results you want from beginning to end.

Why Don’t We Just Find The Best Independent Professionals Ourselves?

  1. The process of finding good consultants and agencies, qualifying them, and checking references is challenging and time consuming. The Ascendant Consortium has already done that for you.
  2. Over the past 20+ years of networking in the consulting community we have found that some of the most talented consultants, coaches and agencies are not good marketers. As a result, you have never heard of them and probably would not find them if you looked.

Isn’t The Ascendant Consortium Just A Middle Man Which Increases The Fees?

No. The Ascendant Consortium plays a value-added, participatory role in every project our independent professionals take on. Many consultants and agencies who are top-notch at process or content are not great at project management and communication. The Ascendant Consortium ensures the project is staying on track and the work is communicated in a way that is most easily and effectively utilized by you.

In addition, sometimes the very best implementation consultants need a little help in the concept-development phase or vice-versa. The Ascendant Consortium has access to the very best independent professionals with all types of talents and we will coordinate multiple outside-contractors for you, which can be a nightmare to handle internally. You focus on results, we ensure the talent is in play to get you there.

Why Shouldn’t We Use One Of The Big Consulting Firms Or Agencies?

There are a number of major drawbacks to the big firms:

They don’t house the best talent on the planet. Many of the best independent professionals are refugees from corporate life. These independent-minded people love solving problems in their specialty, not dealing with corporate administrivia. Big consulting firms and agencies are just like any other corporations and much of the best talent flees to pursue independent ventures.

Their top people are inaccessible. Unless you are willing to pay truly exorbitant fees, you won’t get the direct benefit or input from the best minds at a big consulting firm or agency. With The Ascendant Consortium, you work with people who own their firms and have personally implemented cutting-edge solutions.

Their fees are generally determined on a productivity model, not a results model. In other words, they are really just big consulting factories, trying to utilize their resources as much as possible. That means their focus is on billable hours. Our approach is results focused and our independent professionals are focused on you, not utilizing hundreds of junior associates.

You pay for their advertising (Tiger Woods isn’t cheap). Similarly, you pay for enormous infrastructure costs. The Ascendant Consortium and our members have little-to-no advertising and infrastructure costs.

How do we know your consultants are good? Don’t they just pay to be part of the Consortium?

  1. No one pays to be part of The Ascendant Consortium, so we remain completely unbiased and only represent the independent professionals who are truly top notch.
  2. There are thousands of independent consultants – fewer than 100 have earned a place in The Ascendant Consortium.
  3. Members of The Ascendant Consortium had to pass through a rigorous screening program to join.
  4. The Ascendant Consortium’s management plays an active part in every project; therefore, we have personal experience with each and every member of the Consortium and know first-hand that they do excellent work.

How Do Consultants Become Part Of The Ascendant Consortium?

Consultants wanting to join The Ascendant Consortium are put through a rigorous screening process including review of their historical deliverables, consultant interviews, and past client interviews. If they make it through the screening, then they are brought in on a project so that we can gain first-hand experience with them.

Who Works With The Ascendant Consortium?

 Over half of the Fortune 500 have worked with one of The Ascendant Consortium’s independent professionals. We also work with small and mid-size companies who want the best minds in the country helping on their issues.

How Long Has The Ascendant Consortium Been In Business?

The management team of The Ascendant Consortium has been working with and advising companies like yours for over 20 years. Most of our members have been in business at least 10 years. In all cases they have a proven track record of success.

What if We Already Have a Consultant

Even if you are mid-project with a consultant not in the Ascendant Consortium we will help you get higher ROI while reducing the risk and pain. Guaranteed!

How? We have developed innovative approaches to finding, contracting and using experts, gurus, consultants and other service providers. Because senior management of the Ascendant Consortium works simultaneously with clients and with breakthrough providers, we have an extraordinary perspective on how to transform projects from bad spends into high-return investments..

In addition to our direct participation with you, we provide valuable models, sophisticated software and reference materials so that your company will always get phenomenal value from outside experts. Even when we’re gone.

In What Areas Do Your Members Specialize?

The independent professionals in our consortium focus on a very wide range of issues. Here are some sample areas:

Portfolio optimization
Product positioning
Business strategy
Marketing strategy
New market entry
Contract management
Sales compensation
Sales organization design
EEOC compliance
Emergent technology marketing
Graphic design
Sales force assessment
Sales presentation development
Customer marketing
Marketing plan development
Leadership development
Acquisition identification
Plant optimization

Email: david@ascendantconsortium.com
P.O. Box 341, Ridgefield, CT 06877