More Productive, Happier Employees

I discovered something called OLE when IndustryWeek asked me to deliver a webcast to their audience and Kronos decided to be the sponsor. Read on to see why I am intrigued by OLE. (Kronos is not a client and I do not receive any compensation from them for talking about their concepts and products.)

My clients and long-timer readers know I believe companies need to focus on Net Preference (NP), which is customers’ choice between you and the competition, taking everything into account. One of the challenges with NP is connecting all the activities inside the company to customers’ preferences outside the company. Behavior on the shop floor seems too far removed from the sale and internal processes are intricately interdependent.

Kronos has apparently developed tools to measure and analyze what they have named Overall Labor Effectiveness (OLE). After a cursory look, I think it is an excellent start for companies which realize success requires a stronger connection between employees’ behavior and corporate goals than mission statements tacked on a wall and individual performance objectives. OLE provides the depth of analytics necessary to uncover the why behind employees ‘ behavior and performance. And that engenders more creative and effective solutions than are ever achieved by traditional approaches to people management.

A phenomenal solution should address a specific problem, so here’s the problem: Right now you have no way of concretely, accurately measuring employees contribution to customers’ Net Preference. Without that measurement, your management of human resources is based on experience, management maxims and educated guesses. A phenomenal solution would be HR analytics which free you to be much more creative and effective in how you direct your people. Is OLE that phenomenal solution? I don’t know enough to say for sure, but it’s worth checking out Kronos’ information to find out more.

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