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ConsultantChoice™ Software

Want an easy way to compare consultants and choose the best one? ConsultantChoice™ is an easy-to-use software tool tailor-made to make your decisions easier, faster and better.

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Free Checklists and Templates

You don’t have to cobble together your own checklists with the great tips from The Executive’s Guide to Consultants. Download this full packet with all the tips, templates, and checklists you need to find, hire , and get great results from your next consulting project.

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The Executive’s Guide to Consultants:  Chapter 1

If companies and consultants both have the same goal: produce a high-value outcome, why do so many projects fail to deliver an outstanding return on time, on target and on budget?

More to the point, how can you ensure that every one of your projects creates extraordinary results every time? David A. Fields tackles these questions head on in The Executive’s Guide to Consultants and gives you breakthrough ideas covered by no other book, including:

  • Sophisticated new contract structures that maximize your ROI
  • Essential methods for reducing project risk
  • Cutting-edge techniques for making change stick after the consultant leaves
  • And much, much more

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Short, value-packed articles written by members of the Ascendant Consortium. A broad range of business-building topics.

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In-depth explorations show you how to address your most pressing issues and capture your largest opportunities.

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