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5 ‘Bad’ Businesses Practices That Work

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Embrace Your Inner Delinquent. Here Are Five “Bad” Business Practices That Will Boost Your Bottom Line

Winning Big During Economic Downturns

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Lessons from the Great Depression Teach You How to Succeed Now

Why a Good Sales Tool Boosts the Performance of a Good Salesperson (and Why You Really Need Both)

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The benefits of experiential sales tools.

The Profit Pitfall

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Why profit is the wrong metric for managing your business, and introducing a better way.

The 10 Roads to Profit Growth™

Ascendant has used the Ten Roads to Profit Growth(tm) to guide explosive growth in clients ranging from $2 million to $20+ billion. In the 20 years since we developed the construct, no one has ever developed an 11th road.

The 4 Secrets of Killer Sales Calls

“This radio was purchased in 1926. It doesn’t work.” So declared the sign in the best window display I have ever encountered.

Building a High Performance Organization

The missing gaete olives were the final straw. Yet, utilizing the five-step process outlined below would have made the difference between losing a customer on an unprofitable transaction and winning a high-margin patron.  

How To Stop The Dumbing Down Of Your Company

When you convert your dumbed down workforce into power thinkers, you will retain your best talent, increase customer satisfaction and exceed your growth goals.

Stop Looking at Your Navel

Five ways the customer experience can improve your business.

Major League Business

Finding Opportunities like a Pro.

Winning Big During Economic Downturns

Lessons from the Great Depression Teach You How to Succeed Now.

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