Find the Right Consultant

Finding breakthrough thinking, best-in-class processes and flawless execution is easier said than done. There are almost 500,000 consulting firms in the United States that want to provide their expert advice to you. We offer a world-class solution for finding excellent, pre-qualified, powerful consultants. In many cases, we have already found the perfect outside resource for your situation.
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Command Higher Return on Expertise

Is it possible to double or even triple the risk-adjusted value of a project? Absolutely! We see it every day with a vast variety of projects for clients in every industry. You can expect a better outcome on internal projects and projects with outside experts, with more valuable results and lower risk.
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Negotiate a Better Contract with Consultants

Guaranteed results, budget protection, unlimited access, rapid response. Those benefits and more can be hardwired into your contracts with consultants. We can help you develop a contract that inspires your consultant to deliver results beyond your expectations.
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Executive & Team Training

Want your own team to be able to expertly find the right consultant, command higher return on expertise and negotiate better contracts? David A. Fields offers one-hour, half-day, one-day and three-day workshops that will equip your company with the skills to get great results every time you tackle an important initiative with an internal team or an outside expert.
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About My Clients

The typical client is a senior executive (division president, vice president, senior director) in a large company or the CEO of a mid-size company, who has concluded that outside expertise may be needed to accomplish key objectives. Once that determination is made, calling Ascendant is the best next step.

The Radically Helpful Blog

Learn new ideas about how to derive radically high value from consultants.

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