Right Team

Perfect Consultant – Perfect Team

Quickly and painlessly equip yourself with the right outside expert for your situation – one who will deliver an extraordinary ROI, guaranteed. No more worries about whether the group you hire will do them well (or at all).


  • Successful projects based on breakthrough and/or best-in-class thinking
  • Faster business results, with fewer missteps and less frustration
  • Faster, easier selection of the right resources to make your team a talent powerhouse
  • Improved “return on expertise” from both your in-house talent and outside resources
  • Meaningful and lasting behavior changes, rather than short-term fixes

How it Works

  1. Estimate the true, risk-adjusted value of your project. You can only maximize your return on expertise if you’re working on a valuable project! Sometimes a high-priority project isn’t as meaningful as you expected – and sometimes it is much more so. In this step we help you:
    • Evaluate your project against the 37 most common value creation areas
    • Correct for egocentricity biases at the project level
    • Correct for system-wide effects
    • Correct for likelihood of success
  1. Evaluate the need for outside help— We’ve found that consultants are sometimes brought in when a perfectly satisfactory solution is available in house. If you don’t need an outside expert at all, we’ll tell you so, and if you do need an outside expert, we’ll help you understand exactly why and where. In this step we help you:
    • Review the thirteen considerations on competency, experience and perspective
    • Examine long- and short-term capacity
    • Assess sufficiency, focus, intellectual property and efficiency
  1. Articulate your project context — The six parts of a project’s context are the most important requirement for finding the right consultant and building the best contract. You will experience a big “aha!” moment on this step. In this step we help you:
    • Briefly summarize the situation
    • Craft powerful outcome statements with precision, overall goal and results
    • Develop indicators of success that meet the CRAVE criteria
    • State your primary risks and concerns
    • Identify time, people and financial parameters
  1. Find and select the perfect outside expert — Finding breakthrough thinking, best-in-class processes and flawless execution is easier said than done. There are almost 500,000 consulting firms in the United States that want to provide their expert advice to you. It’s very possible we have already found the perfect consultant for you during our years of vetting thousands of consultants. If not, we will do a search on your behalf. In this step we help you:
    • Determine which type of consultant you need
    • Brainstorm the five types of expertise which could deliver results beyond your expectations
    • Overtly balance the triangle of trade-offs
    • Characterize, in advance, what the right consultant will look like
    • Conduct a comprehensive search to find best-in-class and/or breakthrough thinkers
    • Vet all candidates and review the likelihood of success
    • Craft a compelling presentation of the chosen expert for review by your senior management or Board of Directors

Don’t settle for a mediocre consultant, constant worrying and high risk. Get the perfect consultant on your team by calling the Ascendant Consortium today: 203-438-7236 or emailing info@ascendantconsortium.com for more information.

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